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Investment Review

This is a review for East Coast land owners introducing investment to develop the resources of the Rohe of Ngati Porou, and address investment development of resources, employment and affordable housing. These will positively impact local business development, and in turn support sustainable growth and ensure a much improved  social economic frame work for residents.

The initiative by Terrafermah and affiliates is to build a secondary Hicks Bay wharf which is north of the existing historical wharf. It is a new deep water facility to accommodation the export of logs to meet the requirements of international markets. The land site secured is 1.5 kms from the redundant Hicks Bay wharf. The feasibility study by Terrafermah consultants confirms that the attributes of the new site make it the only viable option for improving the returns on forestry in the northern East Cape region. 

The Terrafermah case study for the new wharf shows distinct advantages to the land owners by rewarding greater returns than that offered by the existing port infrastructure.  The research has been peer reviewed and funding is secured to build the facility, as the project has merit.

This confidence has received the support of the Government and the various agencies who are aligned with this initiative.

Terrafermah is confident that the land owners can rest assured the returns to them will encourage the re-afforestation of their lands and encourage new clients to adopt exotic forest as a business activity on their properties. A vast untapped resource (me ki nga rawa) o Ngati Porou


We are right at the beginning stage of a 17 year maturation cycle of plantation forests on the East Coast and investment risk profiles are low, given we are located at the epicenter of the available resource and harvesting and haulage is within the viability perimeter of 100 kilometers or less form the new wharf on Matakaoa, Hicks Bay

The existing road networks between Gisborne and Tauranga will benefit from reduced maintenance costs by removing thousands of laden truck journeys to existing ports (Saving the Crown and tax payers $300m over 25 years)

Terrafermah Ltd, Hawkins Infrastructure, and Live International Ltd,  are highly supportive and wish to proceed once necessary approvals have been recieved for this new wharf construction at its Matakaoa site, Hicks Bay.

The developments will involve

ministerial portfolio

manifestos and agenda’s

Social Impact and Employment: (Hicks Bay - Te Araroa - Ruatoria)

This covers only the direct employment impact of the required services to operate the wharf, additional job creation within the Township is expected to follow suit:

  • Port management and Stevedores:                          12 permanent positions

  • Contract drivers:                                                         80 permanent positions

  • Ancillary service contractors:                                   10 business owner /operators

Our investment initiative will enable continued and sustainable employment to grow, for the Rohe and in this regard is mandated by the NZ Government.

Proposed scope of port usage:

  1. Whole log export

  2. Bulk fuels receiving and storage

Development horizon:

  1. Honey

  2. Aquaculture marine harvest

Resource summary: Whole log export

  1. 156,000 Hectares of harvestable exotic forest within 50 kilometers of the new port

  2. Yield over 30 years = 78 million tonnes

  3. This would represent 20% of the current Gisborne port volumes

  4. $150 million additional income returned to Maori land owners over 30 years

Export capacity at wharf:

Wharf receiving capacity at commissioning:       

Shipping capacity:                                                     60,000 tonnes monthly (2 vessels)


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