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The East Coast of New Zealand is already well known for its horticulture, forestry, tourism, and agriculture, and it has big plans for the future.


We've identified the Tairāwhiti region as a priority for early investment and support through the Provincial Growth Fund.  There are significant opportunities to improve and support the region - particularly for local industry and improving the resilience of infrastructure.  Through the Provincial Growth Fund, the Government is investing heavily in the future of the Tairāwhiti region.  In September 2018 the Prime Minister and Minister for Regional Economic Development announced an investment package of $152.7 million for the region.This will help boost the region’s economy, create jobs and enhance tourism opportunities.

The Tairāwhiti Economic Action Plan, Te Huarahi Hei Whai Oranga, lays out the region's plans for economic growth and is supported by Activate Tairāwhiti. Additionally, eleven local iwi worked together to prepare the Tairāwhiti Maori Economic Report, identifying ways to support and enhance Māori economy in the region.

Draft Tourism Brochure for a Tourism development at Hicks Bay and Te Araroa

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